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Healing your hurt, is releasing the negative emotional!

When healing your hurt, you experience of your life will change…

You can see where your true desires are and create a life from a place

of love, not from fear.

Have you experienced:





Do you:

Have difficulty trusting

Have difficulty feeling

Numb out emotions (Any numbing, is numbing)

Escape from emotions (Any escape, is escape)

Getting out of the pain spiral

When you work with me, I access your emotional body and release the negative emotional charge that keeps you stuck in the pain. You probably know how, the more you think about it, the worse it gets, and the worse it gets, the more you think about it - We all experience this with unresolved hurt.

When I heal your hurt, the emotional charge you feel today will release and you will start to feel more free, you will start to breath easier in situations that today would send you into the pain spiral.

Pricing ...

* Individuals and couples

* $300 (2 hour minimum)

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I'm really looking forward to our time together so I can learn more about how I can help you.

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