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What challenges do you have? Intimacy? Healing? Grief? Maybe I can help!

Change Your Life For The Better

I access your emotional body and release your Trauma, Hurt and Destructive Patterns - so you are SET FREE! In what way can I help you?

 Heal Your ... TRAUMA

Healing your Trauma, is releasing the negative emotional charge ...

 Heal Your ... HURT

Healing your hurt, is releasing the negative emotional charge ...

 Heal Your ... PATTERNS

Healing your destructive PATTERNS, ​is releasing the negative story running your 'show' ...

Rori Montali

Intimacy and Connection Expert


Intimacy and Connection Expert

Other Ways I Can Help!

​Have you ever had these challenges?

 Dealing with a childhood trauma that just wont go away or even budge.

 An emotional hurt that keep getting in the way of getting what you really want in your life.

 A destructive pattern, that pop up in your behavior, again and again.

You are not alone... and if you do what most people do, and use:

Alcohol, Sex/Porn, Work, Pills/self-medication, Exercise, Food, TV or Sleeping. Filling up your time with things or people that don’t really serve you. Don't feel bad - Your normal.

​But... There is another way...

When healing your trauma, you experience of your life will change…

You will no longer feel that your past haunts you and you will begin to live the life you want. Read more...

When healing your hurt, you experience of your life will change…

You can see where your true desires are and create a life from a place

of love, not from fear.

When healing your Patterns, you experience of your life will change…

You will feel different in the world, from not being in a place where you feel like a victim - but from a place of more and more freedom. Read more...

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I'm really looking forward to our time together so I can learn more about how I can help you.

About Rori


Intimacy and Connection Expert

Intimacy and Connection Expert​


RORI MONTALI is known for her intuitive abilities to help men and women attain a deeper connection with themselves and others by strengthening their inner voice and finding the courage to speak their authentic truth.

She facilitates workshops globally and is a well-known public speaker, with prestigious organizations at The Women's Economic Forum in Los Angeles.

Her passion is to empower men and women so they can have their own special experiences and personal breakthroughs within themselves and their relationships. Whether teaching individual sessions, a class of 75, or an auditorium of 1000, Rori generates her own high energy with her enthusiasm and love of teaching.

Now, with her 20 years of experience as a speaker, workshop facilitator, and healer, she has created a new program called "Connect," which includes presentations, workshops, retreats, and soon a self-guided course via mobile app.

Rori is a native-born Queens, New Yorker. She attained a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising and Buying, from Oneonta State University, and worked in the fashion industry including at Vanity Fair.

She loved connecting with the designers and helping to produce fashion shows and events. She gained her certification in Event Management from New York University in New York University in New York City, and she owned her own business as an event planner for many years.

Rori has numerous healing certifications including CranioSacral Therapy from Upledger Institute International and is a Certified Yoga Instructor and Massage Therapist.

Rori's Mission

My mission is to provide a space that allows people to create meaningful connections. Through experiential exercises, individuals or couples communicate their desires, vulnerabilities,​ and boundaries in order to discover themselves in relation to others.

Rori Montali

Intimacy and Connection Expert

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